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heart roasters + dot & line kenya gachurio PB


We’re excited to release our 2018 micro lot with our friends at heart roasters. This is a special micro lot of Peaberry Gachurio. The little beans are hand sorted out of the regular lot and set aside.

This heavy bodied coffee is tropical, floral, jammy, and has rich caramelized sugar notes. It is complex in flavor with a round taste and finishes nicely. We are very excited for you all to try it. The name Gachuiro comes from the local Kikuyu people. The translation means, "to wait for too long". This is a reference to the area where the Gachuiro factory currently sits. It was once home to a tribe of Maasai who later moved to Kieni. This process of pushing them out of the area, however, seemed to be a lengthy process. This gave birth to the farm's name. The Gachuiro is dry fermented before being fully washed. The small amount of time it takes to dry ferment adds additional fruit flavor and lends to this coffee being so special.

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